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1. The capacity of mini refrigerator is mostly below 100L. Everyone can buy mini refrigerator with appropriate capacity according to the total population of the family. Usually, a person only needs to shake 60 liters up and down. If it is strongly recommended that two people use a refrigerator with a capacity of about 100 liters. If there are more than three people in the family, the use of mini refrigerator may not meet the needs of the family.

2. At the present stage, the mini refrigerator on the market is mainly single door type. There are usually two choices for the internal partition: "full freezing" and "double temperature zone of freezing and refrigeration". Everyone can buy according to their actual needs. The capacity of the mini refrigerator can meet the needs of daily use, and the capacity of the refrigerator will be relatively small, and it is only applicable to refrigerate some small food.

3. Mini refrigerator is mainly included in the car, its basic principle is different from ordinary refrigerator. There are two types, the more common one of which is to connect the refrigerator to the cigarette lighter by using a connecting wire for cooling.

How about a mini fridge

Type 1: this mini fridge can be used as a small hot and cold box indoors, outdoors, on the road or in the office. The basic principle is different from ordinary refrigerator. There are usually two types of mini refrigerators.

Another method: according to a group of energy storage boxes cooling or heat preservation in the refrigerator, the group of energy storage boxes are placed in the household refrigerator for 10 hours, and then the energy storage boxes are placed in the middle for cooling. Keep the temperature below 15 ℃ for 20 hours. Put this set of energy storage box in the microwave oven for 120 seconds, and then put it into the car refrigerator, it can play the role of heat preservation.

The main advantages of mini refrigerator are high refrigeration efficiency, good refrigeration effect, less smell, low noise, small size, easy to carry, low price and so on.

But the mini refrigerator is small and small enough. The second type of mini fridge is about six Coca Cola.

Mini refrigerators are not as bulky as large and medium refrigerators. They are low noise, long service life, small size, light weight and easy to carry. Both indoor and outdoor. And gradually changed the needs of consumers. Manufacturers also have many independent innovations in the appearance of mini refrigerators. Today's mini refrigerators have a variety of looks, such as football and cans. The appearance is lovely and artistic. Some are also equipped with connecting wires and car cigarette lighter docking devices, which can be inserted and cooled at will to keep the ingredients fresh and cool.

Post time: Sep-08-2021